Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world.

-Nelson Mandela.

                                    This is something we unanimously agree on. Education. The key factor to success and progress. With the swift pace of development and necessity of money power, the requirement of being educated is increasing simultaneously. A man without education has no value in the society. But with changing times, the meaning of education is changing. It has evolved from the gurukul system to the teaching schools of the modern times. Has something else changed too other than the pattern? Yes. It has.

                                    The vast concept of being learned is now being restricted to only to the arenas of career building and money-gaining. The idea of “learning” to be a learned person is no longer there. Conceptual understanding and implementation of various aspects of education in daily life is disappearing. Education means giving an individual knowledge about the world, its laws, the natural happenings, basic human behavior, ethics, culture, discipline. Basically education is to help an individual learn about himself, the society and the universe. It is studying about the your interests and developing them. But looking at today’s education system, we no longer see the beauty and essence of the main idea behind ‘educating’ a person. It has all come down to the daily routine of waking up, going to the school with a sleepy-face and closed mind, eating up the textbook words and reproducing it in the  wildly feared EXAMS.  This is EDUCATION.

                                  The fact that students find schools and colleges “hell” shows how uninteresting and burdening our present education culture is. It teaches you all the laws put forth but newton but not how he came about thinking of those. It teaches you that sine0°=0 and sine90°=1 but it doesn’t teach you how to save money and make good use of resources. Today, a guy having masters in literature rapes a girl. Literate children ill treat their elders. Is this what education is? How does knowing about chemical reactions and knowing the area of a triangle help us in developing our character? Chemistry, maths, physics is all a very important part of education. but its a PART of education. Education is not only it. An educated person is expected to have good conduct, good behavior in society. Today’s education system does not cover that aspect of education.

                                  It is very important that students must act as ‘learners’ and be excited to gain knowledge. Clearly the present system is not making it any easier for students to develop interest and likely towards a subject. Teachers need to make the subject more likable and attractive. Only then will students be ‘learners’ and not ‘listeners’. Moreover, the main idea behind education-developing an individual-needs to be brought back. Until then will we be really educated?


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