Best Friends or more?

Bestfriend. Yes, that is who he was. Or so she thought..

                     They started off as strangers, unaware of the other’s existence. Never trusting another soul, he never believed he would end up making her his life, the keeper of all his secrets. With an abstract first impression of one another, they never knew they would soon be inseparable. At a time, they were only “acquaintances”.

                      As time passed by, she soon learnt his secrets-secrets he hid deep beneath his ever-smiling face. Scared he was of the thought that she would never look back at him after uncovering his deepest secrets,thoughts and past. But she loved him, for all his honesty, flaws, truths and lies. She accepted him for him, never minding his past. They grew as people in the company of one another, learning and teaching the other. He found his solace in her, she found her peace in him. Little moments and tiny things became magical in each other’s company. A colorful sunset and distorted cloud became their story. His interests fascinated her and she amazed him. All secrets shared, nothing stood between them-no lies, no masks, no untold story. They spoke each other’s minds, completed each other’s sentences. From being mere strangers, their bond of friendship grew. It became stronger with time and they became a part of each other.

                      Others looked at them as a pair, a couple madly in love, the inseparable pair. “You both look cute as a couple”, their friends said. Tired of explaining the depth of their relation, they paid no heed to the comments of others because deep inside they knew, that no one would understand how profound their love was for each other.

                     Were they only best friends or more?

                     They were best friends AND more. They were soul mates.



3 comments on “Best Friends or more?

  1. Lovely piece of writing krupa
    Please continue your this awesome writings
    Hope to read more in future.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Jay says:

    This excerpt!<3

    Liked by 1 person

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