Magic? In this age where every statement demands a proof, magic sounds like an absurd concept. It belongs to the ‘fairy tale’ category, something which is for ‘kids’, something that is invented by humans to pull them away from the reality of life. But let me reveal to you a little secret. Magic exists.

                                                  Nature shows us magic from the moment the little zygote grows into a fully developed 3 kilogram baby. Isn’t it simply pure magic when a tiny cell becomes the complete you? Birth of a life. Isn’t that the most evident form of magic? Magic surrounds us. It runs in our veins. Have you ever looked at the night sky? Seeing the moon, 384,400km away with our own naked eyes, admiring and savoring its beauty is all what defines magic. It is the happiness in tiny little moments which present to us magic of this world. That tiny green caterpillar crawling around, embraces its life as a beautiful, majestic butterfly! Isn’t it simply mesmerizing? The periodic rising and setting of the sun, the changing of the color of the sky into vivid shades of red, orange, blue and violet. You see magic unfolding itself right in front of your eyes when you see the paintings on that vast sky. The warmth you feel in a loved one’s embrace, the butterflies flying in your stomach when you kiss your loved one, the assurance a child feels by his mother’s presence, the guarantee someone’s firm hold give us makes us believe a little more in something extraordinary happening in this universe, the magic of the universe.

                                           Magic resides in each one of us. The tingly feeling we get every once in a while is magic inside us waiting to come out. What we need to do to let that magic out is to believe. Believe in the universe, believe in that whispers, the spells that the nature enchants you with, believe in that magic inside you. As long as you don’t lose hope, the spells will show their effect. They will enchant your life and make it magical.

Believe in that magic.



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