And today’s breaking news is?


In times where staying connected, having knowledge about events from all over the world is of utmost importance, the major sources of this information are the “news channels”. So I switch on to some xyz channel and there are continuous flashes of a women’s cleavage (of course censored). The words “BREAKING NEWS” cover the entire screen and then when the entire story is put out, it is about some actress wearing a particular dress at a function where her cleavage becomes“breaking news”. This piece of news is run for over an hour and the same is repeated a day later questioning if this was an “intentional” mistake. Where there are groups of people fighting for the self-respect of the women of our society, here we make the display of her body and call it“news”. If such a news item is not available, the next item they go to is RELATIONSHIPS.


And yes, this is a “BREAKING NEWS”, or in more familiar terms-SANSANI KHABAR. So this is what is defined as“news”. Not the numerous murders, not the various acts of terrorism. No, that is an “everyday thing”. We will devote an entire news piece, an hour of it to a random person speaking ill of the nation but not to youngsters fighting for their rights. We will not show the numerous kids dying of hunger or begging on the streets just to have one meal. We will not create awareness regarding the various health and environment related issues but we will show a 3 hour news piece of two politicians abusing each other over the screen. Yes that is what is to be done because it is necessary to keep the TRPS up. What is better than the display of pictures of female body to shoot up the TRP? Why think of the effect it has on the masses? Why think of the consequences of a particular news item on a person or community? We just need to pull up the number of our viewers and be content with it.


This statement was flashed at least for an hour or two and guess what? This also was a SANSANI KHABAR.

Rape victims are asked questions: How did you feel after getting raped?

Statements like ‘It was the girl’s fault that she was out late in the night’ ‘Two movie stars spent an evening together having dinner. So are they having an affair?’ should not be encouraged by continuously providing them news coverage. Wardrobe malfunctions in any event should not be turned into breaking news as person’s attire or his/her body is never a “news item”. The social and personal effect it makes cannot be put into words.

Making up a news item just because you don’t have news at that moment is both morally and ethically wrong. News media is responsible only to deliver the information about the events happening and not making a huge issue of it. An emotional mindset needs to be maintained, ie, consent to the feelings of the victim, the viewers needs to be made while talking about an issue. Because the media has a greater impact on our minds than what we realize. It builds or breaks a man’s character in the society. It decided who you are for the society. It controls all the cards of changing a man’s future. And with this control, comes a responsibility of being kind, considerate. Don’t only be a reporter, be a human too.

Indeed, the pen is mightier than the sword.


Log Kya Kahenge?

There are 3 steps to decide your career in India.

1-Develop an interest in a field.

2-Get an approval of your parents.

3-Decide if that profession is accepted in the society. (Repeat step 1 if your interest isn’t socially acceptable.)

                                                  Yes, most of the decisions we take are scrutinized, judged and then commented upon by the society. If you are something other than a doctor, engineer or lawyer, you are not ‘successful’ in life. Who decides that? The “log” part of our society does, the people who think that pursuing something other than the already established and famous fields means that you aren’t good or smart enough. Why is that said? Why is anything other than medical or engineering seem less significant?

                                                        All the actions we take, every person we meet, every place we go, every career we pursue, we are constantly watched and judged by the society. Many dreams have perished due to this life-changing sentence: Log kya kahenge? Under the fear of being judged by the crowd, we give up on our hopes and ambitions, dreams and aspirations. Everything, from our clothes to our life partner to our career is judged by the society. We cannot choose to become a DJ or a hair stylist or a tattoo artist since they fall under the category of “unsuccessful” jobs and then LOG KYA KAHENGE? A girl cannot wear certain types of clothes and a guy cannot have a tattoo on his arm because LOG KYA KAHENGE? You cannot divorce your husband who beats you black and blue because LOG KYA KAHENGE? Each and every step of our life we take, we have to fight with the society to prove ourselves. No matter how successful we are in our life, we can never be good enough for the society. All that is displayed by the public about us are our faults and miseries.

                                                     So what do you do about this? Do you let the community eat up your dreams and let yourself live a life you are clearly unhappy and disappointed with? Will you settle for a daily 9-5 job when you rather live a satisfying life as a DJ or hair stylist? What do you do? What you do is not pay heed to unpleasant comments of the society and do what fits best for you. It is not the society which will stand by you in times of your downfalls so it will not be the society that decides what makes you happy. Prove the society wrong by excelling at what you do. Instead of giving in to the attempts made by the society to bring you down, use it as an inspiration to boost your self esteem. Then when the threatening question, “LOG KYA KAHENGE?” haunts you, tell yourself that Log kahenge, toh kya?

Who created these terrorists?

                                       With the repeated flashes of news of violence, terror and inhumanity all over the world, we all realize how unsafe and terrorizing this world has become. The assurance of reaching back home from work unharmed and alive is a concept that has been crushed by these acts of violence and terrorism. We live in constant fear, fear of being blown up while having our morning coffee, fear of losing our loved one to an act created to spread terror among the people, fear of discovering that your ever-smiling milkman may be a terrorist wearing a mask of smiles and friendliness. We all must have pondered upon this question quite a few times of WHY does this happen? Why are humans so willing to kill other members of their own species? What drives them to this madness? Why do they term “terrorism” merely an act of true and deep “patriotism”? What makes them terrorists?

                                       I think the answer to this is the society. We do know that such kind of people are always driven by the urge to pursue, to prove something. They nurture a certain sort of hatred against a nation, or against the whole world, the humanity in it for that matter. They see the world as evil and consider their act of terrorism as a solution to end this evil. What drives this hatred? It the differences in that prevails in the society. When you ill-treat your maid’s son, are you unknowingly planting a seed of hatred in that little one’s mind? When a certain class of people is treated unfairly, in the field of education, health or job opportunity, is it developing frustration and deep dislike towards the people of the society and the authorities. Constant bickering between two classes of society only adds to the fuel of this lit fire of hatred and detest. An individual, suffering this constant discrimination, ill-treatment and under continuous influence of news of violence, fights and arguments tends to generate emotions of intolerance and resentment towards the society. He no longer believes in the justice system of the authority and resides on extreme measures. He bores a thought that an end to humans will end this evil. And established group of these terrorists feed on these thoughts and use it to destroy the society. So what led to this destruction?

                                           Yes, the lack of sensitivity towards another human being led to this. We as a species, are separated due to our nationality, caste, religion, race, color and what not. We have kept the social norms above humanity. And when terror like this falls upon us, we help them succeed in their motive by turning on each other and blaming a particular religion. Aren’t we simply helping these terrorists win their cause by breaking apart our unity? What we need in times like these is to stand by each other and help eradicate these violent and loathsome mindsets. We need to recognize ourselves as humans first and then as individuals belonging to certain religion. Changing our profile pictures or writing pages about current events won’t help in putting and end to this terror. We need to change our views, our behavior towards each other as humans. Humans without their humanity are simply flesh and bones with nothing to them. Some awareness, some alertness regarding these activities, little tenderness towards the victims and the people around us, a feeling of national pride and commitment makes a lot of difference. These terrorists are a small group of people. If we unite, we stand together as people and fight against them, they have no chance of surviving. The world will be a peaceful place with minimal negativity around us and our future generations. All we need to do is be HUMANS.