Is it the end?

                                                                 Sometimes in life, we come to a point where you don’t really understand what your relationship with a person means. When you don’t understand if you really are significant for the other one. When you feel that your bond with the other person has the same essence as before. A time, when you realize that your relationship with the other individual has changed, has become something that is not clear, something that is difficult for you to accept, and something that was not there before. You realize that the bond, the love, the friendship, the comfort you felt for and with the person is missing, it feels incomplete. And then, when you try to mend it, when you try to fix the broken parts, when you try to restore everything to what it was doesn’t work. No matter how hard you try, after every effort the person seems a step farther away. The more you try to hold on to the person the more he seems to drift away. The more you cling on the memories of the past, the more the present seems to slip away from you. In the end, when you sit and analyze the situation, you blame yourself. You think that maybe it was you who was the wrong in the entire equation. Maybe it was you who messed up the entire wonderland. And at one point, you decide to give up. You decide to give up the hope. The hope that things will be fine. The hope that you will get back what you lost. It is that time when you start believing that maybe you’ll get the answer when you remove yourself from the equation. When you distance yourself away from that person and let him be. You believe that they would be happy and at peace without you. Without hearing you blabbering about your day’s routine, without your occasional breakdowns about life, without having to bear your burden. And you know what? That seems like a perfect thing to do at that time both for you and him. But is it something you can really do? Is it something that you should really do? The answer is no.

                                                                            Yes, there are times when things go wrong. When there comes a tension between two really close people. When things seem to not go the usual way.  But that is the way things are supposed to be. It is when things go wrong that you need each other, that you realize that your relation, your bond with your other half is all what matters. It is not all sunny and smiling. When storms come, you realize how much your bond can withstand. Giving up on a relation is never an answer. NEVER. It may seem chaotic. But every chaos is just a system that is waiting to be organized. That is waiting for you not give up. It is usually the moment after the moment you decide to give up that assures your success. Maybe a little bit of effort would have put everything where it was meant to be. Maybe..Maybe that little effort was that one piece of the puzzle that made a beautiful picture. You just need that one piece. Thing may not go back to what they were. But they will always lead to something better. Something that your relation needed. Something that will give a new definition to your bond. It is never an end. It is just a beginning to something better.