The one who stands by you.

                                                                              Friends: The people who we fall back on when the situation is against us. The people we expect to stand by our side when things fall apart. But how do we decide who these people are? How do we differentiate between people who really are our friends and the ones who ACT like they will be someone we can rely on? In the times when loyalty has become just a concept and not an act, when people have just become instruments of our gain, when the true definition of friendship is lost, who do we trust? Who do we put our faith in?

                                                                                As people who meet new individuals everyday, who communicate with people worldwide, we truly lack the eyes of identifying the truth of a person. Inspite of knowing that outer appearance are deceptive, that a person isn’t always who he shows us to be, we put our faith in people very easily. Where one finds it difficult to find one true friend, I see people having 10 or more bestfriends. Every other person they meet, every person they spend a month of being friends with turns out to be their best-friend. One day they meet and the next day you see them posting pictures on Facebook with the caption “bffs for ever ♥♥”. I really find it surprising that an individual can believe that 10 or more people can be their bestfriends, their soulmates, the ones they can confide in. The word “best-friend” has left no meaning. Because every person you find cannot be your best-friend, an exchange of two words doesn’t define friendship. The tragedy is that the meaning of true friendship has gained the definition that if you can abuse the other one, you’ll are “bffs” and that is the ultimate friendship. Its funny isn’t it that we base our most precious and valuable relationship on the number of abuses friends share. People explain that it shows the level of comfort in the friendship but would you really enjoy being constantly spoken to in a rude manner just to prove that someone is comfortable with you? Is it really the sign of true friendship?

                                                                                      The what would you define as a true friend? A person worthy of your trust? What I truly believe is that you can never go in search of that person and find them. You usually just accidentally bang into them and in no time, you click with them. These “accidents” are planned, planned by the universe to give you were happy ending. When you meet this person, you need not think twice about trusting them. It is involuntary. Every gut feeling tells you to confide in them and assures you that your secrets are safe with them. You don’t find the need to test their friendship because at every turn of life, they have proved to be loyal and have kept the promise of friendship. And the best part about it? You become yourself. You don’t find the need to be different, someone you are not. You can spill your ice cream, fall down the stairs, laugh your heart out sitting on the pavement. You can be YOURSELF. And that is what friendship is truly about. It not the gifts or the abuses or the constant need to be in touch. Its about helping each other grow and helping each other become themselves. The bond of friendship doesn’t waver with time, instead it becomes stringer and a  healthy relationship. It nurtures your soul and helps you become a better self. A friend pushes you to be a better version of yourself and he stands by you. I hope in this crowd of fake people, you find your BEST-FRIEND.


To a new time.

                                                        We all wait for a second chance, an opportunity to makes things right, a moment which will put everything into place. We all get those chances, we all get a new day which promises another chance to us. The setting sun assures us of coming new day while the rising sun fulfills that promise. But the sun that rises today, has a different color all together. It shines brighter, spreads more happiness, brings more glee and makes everything seem a bit more possible. A new year, a new time changes us. It makes us want to work more, laugh more, communicate more and make life much more joyful. It pushes us to work harder, work smarter and work more. It inspires us, challenges us and pushes us forward.

                                                                     We have another chance at life. We have the turn to surround ourselves with people who motivate and love us, people who stand by us, people who keep their word. But the best of all, we have a chance to build ourselves, grow as individuals and love others, stand by them and keep our word. We have a chance to be better people. People who are loved, admired and respected. This year, we promise to build a better future for ourselves, a promise to achieve the dream we have always nourished, a promise to be ourselves. When the whole world celebrates the beginning of a new time, let us work hard to begin a new era, a new time that we have always dreamed of. This new year, take a promise to be yourself and not someone the society wants you to be. Thrive to leave your mark in the world and not remain as a nobody, not remain a man hidden behind the masks of fame, jealousy or anger. This new year, BECOME YOURSELF.

Happy new year ♥