To a new time.

                                                        We all wait for a second chance, an opportunity to makes things right, a moment which will put everything into place. We all get those chances, we all get a new day which promises another chance to us. The setting sun assures us of coming new day while the rising sun fulfills that promise. But the sun that rises today, has a different color all together. It shines brighter, spreads more happiness, brings more glee and makes everything seem a bit more possible. A new year, a new time changes us. It makes us want to work more, laugh more, communicate more and make life much more joyful. It pushes us to work harder, work smarter and work more. It inspires us, challenges us and pushes us forward.

                                                                     We have another chance at life. We have the turn to surround ourselves with people who motivate and love us, people who stand by us, people who keep their word. But the best of all, we have a chance to build ourselves, grow as individuals and love others, stand by them and keep our word. We have a chance to be better people. People who are loved, admired and respected. This year, we promise to build a better future for ourselves, a promise to achieve the dream we have always nourished, a promise to be ourselves. When the whole world celebrates the beginning of a new time, let us work hard to begin a new era, a new time that we have always dreamed of. This new year, take a promise to be yourself and not someone the society wants you to be. Thrive to leave your mark in the world and not remain as a nobody, not remain a man hidden behind the masks of fame, jealousy or anger. This new year, BECOME YOURSELF.

Happy new year ♥