Magic? In this age where every statement demands a proof, magic sounds like an absurd concept. It belongs to the ‘fairy tale’ category, something which is for ‘kids’, something that is invented by humans to pull them away from the reality of life. But let me reveal to you a little secret. Magic exists.

                                                  Nature shows us magic from the moment the little zygote grows into a fully developed 3 kilogram baby. Isn’t it simply pure magic when a tiny cell becomes the complete you? Birth of a life. Isn’t that the most evident form of magic? Magic surrounds us. It runs in our veins. Have you ever looked at the night sky? Seeing the moon, 384,400km away with our own naked eyes, admiring and savoring its beauty is all what defines magic. It is the happiness in tiny little moments which present to us magic of this world. That tiny green caterpillar crawling around, embraces its life as a beautiful, majestic butterfly! Isn’t it simply mesmerizing? The periodic rising and setting of the sun, the changing of the color of the sky into vivid shades of red, orange, blue and violet. You see magic unfolding itself right in front of your eyes when you see the paintings on that vast sky. The warmth you feel in a loved one’s embrace, the butterflies flying in your stomach when you kiss your loved one, the assurance a child feels by his mother’s presence, the guarantee someone’s firm hold give us makes us believe a little more in something extraordinary happening in this universe, the magic of the universe.

                                           Magic resides in each one of us. The tingly feeling we get every once in a while is magic inside us waiting to come out. What we need to do to let that magic out is to believe. Believe in the universe, believe in that whispers, the spells that the nature enchants you with, believe in that magic inside you. As long as you don’t lose hope, the spells will show their effect. They will enchant your life and make it magical.

Believe in that magic.




                   We need love. A love that consumes us. A love that changes everything-our perspective,our concept of love..everything. It shakes us and brings out the best in us. It turns our world upside down and makes us believe in something we’ve never thought about before. It makes us a better person. We feel alive when we are with ‘that’ person. Most of us at some point in our life are successful in finding that love. A love which is magical and  awakens us.

                                   But what comes with this love is a fear. Thantophobia. A fear of what will happen if that love is no more around us. We live with that fear and we cling to that love. We start depending on it. Our happiness, our joys, the good parts of our life start revolving around that person. We believe that nothing else in the world can makes us happier. Everything about us resides in them. And that’s when we start getting attached to that person. We start clinging on to that feeling. The consequence of which are mostly that we do lose that person. We lose that person because we suffocate them. A fear that possesses us makes us go wild. We are in constant need of pacification. Even a smallest act of departure eats us up. We get paranoid. No amount of efforts from the person’s part makes us trust the fact that they will remain by our side. What do you do then? Let it eat you up? Let it destroy the most beautiful feeling you have for that other one? What do you?

What you do my friend is shake yourself up, put the thought away and trust the other one. Believe the fact that as long as you’ll are together, you will stay with each other and contribute to the other one’s happiness. What happens later in life should not affect what is going on in your life. You stay together later or you don’t, love that person will all your heart. Be with him. Grow with him. If somewhere ahead it doesn’t work, it simply means that it wasn’t meant to be. But that doesn’t mean that the love you once shared with that special one wasn’t true. It just means that sometimes when people grow, they grow apart. That shouldn’t stop you from expressing your feeling to your “love”. Don’t let your love destroy you. Don’t rely on it so much that when it ends, there is nothing left of you. That my friend is addiction. Not love. Love helps you live, it is supposed to make you happy, it is supposed to be your happy time. Don’t let is destroy you. And have faith. Have a belief that if it was meant to be, it will happen. And when it does, nothing can stop it and you will know.


A Moment.

Everybody grows old. But not everyone grows up!

                    Remember the excitement you felt seeing a carnival? Remember how you chased a that tiny little insect? Remember how eagerly you waited for the weekends to go to the park? Remember your first bike? Remember how you counted the number of different coins you owned? Remember when you wished to collect that treasure at the end of the rainbow? Remember the butterflies in your stomach seeing your crush walk by? Remember those tiny little moments that made you jump out of immense joy? They weren’t little moments. They meant everything.

                   In those moments you discover the purest form of happiness. The innocence of happiness, the pleasure of pure joy is seen and felt in those moments. A man may hide his true self for all day long, but he revels his honest self in these precious instances. They define us. It is truly astonishing how such insignificant actions can lighten up the mood of a person, how they are successful in pulling us away from all the thoughts of our busy life and introduce us to the immense joy of life. The twinkle in one’s eyes explains the beauty of that moment. These ‘moments’ excite and adorn our monotonous life.

                 But as time goes by, we begin to lose our hold on these moments. The tingle, the butterflies tend to slip away from us. We no longer feel that felicity, that peace and those moments which revel our true form. We are no longer ‘kids’. But have those moments really changed or has our perception changed? Have we let the darkness of our world engulf this tiny ray of true happiness and immense pleasure? If we have, then we are truly old. Because it is this tiny thing that helps us to escape the cruel reality of life. These moments give us the hope to face the curve-balls the universe throws at us. Because somewhere deep within we know that no matter what, our tiny ray of happiness will never leave us. Never let that tiny “moment” slip away from you.



Because in the end, when you lose someone, every candle, every prayer is not going to make up for the fact that the only thing you have left is a hole in your life where that somebody you cared about used to be.

Damon Salvator.

                         The empty, the blank void in our hearts, in our life are always an atrocious reminder about the cruelty of life. Not always do we get to have the “happy ever after” we wished for with that “somebody”. All that life leaves us with is that shadow, with that thrusting reminder about who that person used to be. The books they like, the cup in which they liked their coffee, the chair they sat on, the song they danced to, the things they admired, the movie to which they laughed the most, they blanket they slept with..all pull us to themselves. Pull us to the scent they have left behind in those memories. The nullity their absence brings in our life haunts us. The persistent urge to have them back and to be able to feel their presence, their infectious joy, their smell, it weakens us to our every nerve. We miss their sole presence in the room.

                         But what is worse is when you miss the person who is seated right next to you. They are no longer who they used to be, or who they said they were. You look at them in the eye and see a completely different human being. Their smile is the same, but it does not lift your heart up. They smell the same, but it does not intoxicate you. This is when you start feeling helpless. Helpless by the truth that they have changed. The person you’ve know you whole life has put a mask on. The person you loved has disappeared deep beneath the shadows of that mask or maybe he wasn’t there at all. All that is there is the “Sillage“-the trail that lingers in the air after someone has left. And that is when my friend, you’ve truly lost someone.


Best Friends or more?

Bestfriend. Yes, that is who he was. Or so she thought..

                     They started off as strangers, unaware of the other’s existence. Never trusting another soul, he never believed he would end up making her his life, the keeper of all his secrets. With an abstract first impression of one another, they never knew they would soon be inseparable. At a time, they were only “acquaintances”.

                      As time passed by, she soon learnt his secrets-secrets he hid deep beneath his ever-smiling face. Scared he was of the thought that she would never look back at him after uncovering his deepest secrets,thoughts and past. But she loved him, for all his honesty, flaws, truths and lies. She accepted him for him, never minding his past. They grew as people in the company of one another, learning and teaching the other. He found his solace in her, she found her peace in him. Little moments and tiny things became magical in each other’s company. A colorful sunset and distorted cloud became their story. His interests fascinated her and she amazed him. All secrets shared, nothing stood between them-no lies, no masks, no untold story. They spoke each other’s minds, completed each other’s sentences. From being mere strangers, their bond of friendship grew. It became stronger with time and they became a part of each other.

                      Others looked at them as a pair, a couple madly in love, the inseparable pair. “You both look cute as a couple”, their friends said. Tired of explaining the depth of their relation, they paid no heed to the comments of others because deep inside they knew, that no one would understand how profound their love was for each other.

                     Were they only best friends or more?

                     They were best friends AND more. They were soul mates.