A Moment.

Everybody grows old. But not everyone grows up!

                    Remember the excitement you felt seeing a carnival? Remember how you chased a that tiny little insect? Remember how eagerly you waited for the weekends to go to the park? Remember your first bike? Remember how you counted the number of different coins you owned? Remember when you wished to collect that treasure at the end of the rainbow? Remember the butterflies in your stomach seeing your crush walk by? Remember those tiny little moments that made you jump out of immense joy? They weren’t little moments. They meant everything.

                   In those moments you discover the purest form of happiness. The innocence of happiness, the pleasure of pure joy is seen and felt in those moments. A man may hide his true self for all day long, but he revels his honest self in these precious instances. They define us. It is truly astonishing how such insignificant actions can lighten up the mood of a person, how they are successful in pulling us away from all the thoughts of our busy life and introduce us to the immense joy of life. The twinkle in one’s eyes explains the beauty of that moment. These ‘moments’ excite and adorn our monotonous life.

                 But as time goes by, we begin to lose our hold on these moments. The tingle, the butterflies tend to slip away from us. We no longer feel that felicity, that peace and those moments which revel our true form. We are no longer ‘kids’. But have those moments really changed or has our perception changed? Have we let the darkness of our world engulf this tiny ray of true happiness and immense pleasure? If we have, then we are truly old. Because it is this tiny thing that helps us to escape the cruel reality of life. These moments give us the hope to face the curve-balls the universe throws at us. Because somewhere deep within we know that no matter what, our tiny ray of happiness will never leave us. Never let that tiny “moment” slip away from you.



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