The Man of My Dreams.

                                                   We belong to a generation that grew up listening to the stories of Cinderella, Snow White and Rapunzel. They all have the same plot. A princess in distress,a prince comes to save her and they live happily ever after. The one thing that I have always pondered upon about is would the princess live if the prince wouldn’t have come? Would there be no happily ever after if it wasn’t for the prince? Does a girl always need the assistance of a man to get her happy ending?

                                                             As girls who have grown up surrounded by stories of men saving their princess, we’ve nurtured the hopes of our prince charming riding on a white horse and saving us from all the demons that surround us. We rely on a man whom we’ve never met to get rid of our melancholy. Why can’t we do that ourselves? Why do we find the need to pivot on another soul to calm ours? Why do we keep our dreams adjourn and expect the man to fulfill those? “You know when I get married, I will ask my husband to buy me a trunk-load of shoes. You know when I get married I will ask my better half to take me around the world.” Why would you keep everything you love and cherish, your dreams, your goals on hold for someone else? Why do we not do that for ourselves?

Sometimes it is the princess who slays the dragon and saves the prince.

                                                                A lady, no matter what the circumstances are, never gives up her dignity, her self-respect. She never lets herself be a victim to other’s cruelty. She never begs for sympathy, instead, she becomes a person that the world adores, that the world respects. Have you ever met a real woman? The one who marks her impression the the first time you lay your eyes upon her. And no, she does not find the need to reveal her body, sell her dignity or fall prey to someone’s desire. This woman when walks into the room, silence follows and the crowd turns at her to drink in her power. Her aura radiates confidence and independence. Her knowledge intimidates the ones with a myopic attitude. She slays every difficulty that crosses her path. When a storm hits her, she doesn’t let it take her over. Instead she comes out shining, better than who she was before.

                                                         That’s the thing about women. You give them a place made of bricks, they’ll make it a home, you give them a job, they’ll build an empire out of it. Women, as difficult and confusing they may seem, are the simplest of all creatures. You give them something, they give you back something even better. A lady, with all her pros and cons, with all her virtues and vices, will always leave her mark upon you. And that is what separates her from the crowd of naive “girls” that make it their life purpose to beg for attention and thrive for showers of happiness from someone else. A lady carries her dignity and respect up her shoulders and never, I repeat NEVER lets another soul bring her down. And the man of my dreams is me. Me as that lady. The man of my dreams is every women who strives to be that lady.  Be your own man. Or I should say that be your own WOMAN.