Who created these terrorists?

                                       With the repeated flashes of news of violence, terror and inhumanity all over the world, we all realize how unsafe and terrorizing this world has become. The assurance of reaching back home from work unharmed and alive is a concept that has been crushed by these acts of violence and terrorism. We live in constant fear, fear of being blown up while having our morning coffee, fear of losing our loved one to an act created to spread terror among the people, fear of discovering that your ever-smiling milkman may be a terrorist wearing a mask of smiles and friendliness. We all must have pondered upon this question quite a few times of WHY does this happen? Why are humans so willing to kill other members of their own species? What drives them to this madness? Why do they term “terrorism” merely an act of true and deep “patriotism”? What makes them terrorists?

                                       I think the answer to this is the society. We do know that such kind of people are always driven by the urge to pursue, to prove something. They nurture a certain sort of hatred against a nation, or against the whole world, the humanity in it for that matter. They see the world as evil and consider their act of terrorism as a solution to end this evil. What drives this hatred? It the differences in that prevails in the society. When you ill-treat your maid’s son, are you unknowingly planting a seed of hatred in that little one’s mind? When a certain class of people is treated unfairly, in the field of education, health or job opportunity, is it developing frustration and deep dislike towards the people of the society and the authorities. Constant bickering between two classes of society only adds to the fuel of this lit fire of hatred and detest. An individual, suffering this constant discrimination, ill-treatment and under continuous influence of news of violence, fights and arguments tends to generate emotions of intolerance and resentment towards the society. He no longer believes in the justice system of the authority and resides on extreme measures. He bores a thought that an end to humans will end this evil. And established group of these terrorists feed on these thoughts and use it to destroy the society. So what led to this destruction?

                                           Yes, the lack of sensitivity towards another human being led to this. We as a species, are separated due to our nationality, caste, religion, race, color and what not. We have kept the social norms above humanity. And when terror like this falls upon us, we help them succeed in their motive by turning on each other and blaming a particular religion. Aren’t we simply helping these terrorists win their cause by breaking apart our unity? What we need in times like these is to stand by each other and help eradicate these violent and loathsome mindsets. We need to recognize ourselves as humans first and then as individuals belonging to certain religion. Changing our profile pictures or writing pages about current events won’t help in putting and end to this terror. We need to change our views, our behavior towards each other as humans. Humans without their humanity are simply flesh and bones with nothing to them. Some awareness, some alertness regarding these activities, little tenderness towards the victims and the people around us, a feeling of national pride and commitment makes a lot of difference. These terrorists are a small group of people. If we unite, we stand together as people and fight against them, they have no chance of surviving. The world will be a peaceful place with minimal negativity around us and our future generations. All we need to do is be HUMANS.



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