All relationships, be it friendship, marriage, parent-child relationship, student-teacher relationship, every relationship is based on one basic, crucial ingredient-Trust. Unless you completely trust a person, you cannot give your 100% into the relationship. You cannot confide into someone if you do not have that faith in the other person. During times of difficulties, the only means by which a bond between two individuals survives is when their trust in each other remains intact. No storm, no difficult must be able to waver your trust in the other one and then can you say that you completely trust a person. However, trust is an emotion I’ve noticed disappearing in people. We always live in our shell, afraid to open up to someone under the fear that they may expose our darkest, deepest secrets to the world and we may not be able to bear that betrayal. I do not blame us since people who keep their word have become rare.

                                         A quality that stands out in all noble men is their ability to keep their word. They do not waver from their promise under any harsh circumstances.  The quote that “promises are meant to be broken” is the thought process of someone who is not brave enough to hold on to his word. Promises are made to be kept. They are made under the belief that we will stick to them under all causes. Fulfilled promises are the mark of a true noble man. But today humans are becoming so self-centered and selfish that they are ready to break their own word under the context of fulfilling their needs. A man, happily married for 10 years cheats on his wife to gain sexual pleasures. Colleagues cheat on their fellows to gain financial benefits. Friends cheat on friends under jealousy. Isn’t this enough to show how unimportant promises are? Promises as divine as a marriage are broken. How will one ever believe another human if a word has no value? Friends, if you want to maintain any relationship, be it professional or personal, you need to keep your word.

                                   Keeping your word doesn’t only apply to promises that have a huge meaning behind them. Tiny things like reaching at a decided time, getting a flower one promised, delivering the assignment on a given date, keeping the little secrets with yourself also make a drastic difference. Only when you can keep these tiny little promises, you will be able to fulfill is huge responsibility like marriage.

                                 A broken word, an unfulfilled promise, a shattered trust breaks a person apart. When a person confides completely in you, shares every tiny little moment with you, shares his life with you, it becomes your responsibility to not break his trust. When you break a person’s trust, when you disappoint them, it destroys them. They blame themselves, they put themselves at fault for trusting you. Once a person’s trust in you is broken, it can never come back to what it was before. They may forgive and accept you but they never will feel the same about you. There will always be that hollow pit, that pierced part of their heart that will forbid them to trust you again. Hurt a person all you want, but never break their trust. It is an irreparable mistake. It breaks the bond you share. It makes them fear the mere idea of trusting someone –Pistanthrophobia. Keep your word and nothing will ever harm your relationship. No storm can ever break it. Have the chivalry to stand up to your word and it makes it a lot easier to trust someone. Be that person.


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