Humans are one of the most interesting creatures in this world. Inspite of belonging to the same species, each and every human has a different soul. Some are sweet, some arrogant, some helpful, some fierce while others docile, some in need of power, some thirsting for love, few sure about their goals, others having a blurry future, some finding happiness in the tiniest of moments, some picking faults in the biggest achievements. But the quality that is common in each member of this family is the need to confide in someone, the need to speak to a person, the need to have someone to share their joys and sorrows with. Humans NEED other humans. But the biggest question that imposes for our need is that whom do we confide in? Whom do we trust? Whom do we speak to without being judged? Who?

                                                                   The answer I find apt to this question is Strangers. This thought pops up innumerable questions in your mind. Are strangers really trustworthy? The answer is yes and no. Not everyone we come across is worth speaking to but a few are. The reason some people speak to strangers is because they will never come across them again. They don’t know you. They don’t know where you are from. They have no knowledge about your past. The only thing they are aware about is the fact that you are a human who is in need to share his thoughts, happiness and sorrow. A thing we all must have experienced- a smile, a sweet, genuine smile from a complete stranger while walking down the road. It brings an immediate jolly feeling in our hearts. It makes us believe in good of the world, the humanity of humans. It makes you have confidence in the fact that someone unknown, a complete foreigner, can also be a good friend.

                                                                    A thing I’ve noticed about people is that we are much more  kinder to strangers than to people we know in and out. A person who gets irritated at his own acquaintance when he drops something runs to the aid of someone who he has never seen before. We name it “common courtesy” but lose this same courtesy when it comes to dealing with our loved ones. Maybe we are trying to create a good impression of ourselves in front of world but this trait of ours regarding strangers make them a much better option for sharing our words with. A friend of mine narrated an incident regarding her experience with strangers. Her family, on a trip, came across another Gujarati family and they bonded well. She did not feel that they were people she did not know. Instead, their behavior made her believe that they were family. Sharing food, jokes, playing cards, her travel time was spent beautifully in the presence of people who once unknown to her, became someone she immensely admired. We all have met someone, some unknown personality we immediately take liking for and believe that we could speak to them without any regrets.

                                                                This is what a friendly, kind stranger can do to us. It can help us pour out our feelings without the fear of being judged or blamed. We’ve come across groups of people in local transport merrily yapping about about their life to people they don’t really know. What makes them do this? Its the need to talk to someone and the ability of that someone to listen to them. Remember, your one smile can ease away the pain of other, can remind a person of happiness of life. Your listening ear can help another soul be at peace. Strangers, kind strangers can be a blessing in someone’s life. Be that stranger to someone. Be a ‘stranger’ that brings a smile on someone’s face. Be that STRANGER.



2 comments on “Strangers.

  1. Sad but true, you made a very good point that we often treat strangers better than our loved ones. And when we bring a smile to our fellow human beings, it does make the world a better place.
    Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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